Primary Cowboy Singing Time

I have lots of neighbors around where I live in Utah who have horses, corrals and barns. These are true cowboys, not just posers like my husband and I when we want to wear our cowboy boots and hats and pretend….. snicker….

October Singing Time

So since we are having lots of scarecrow festivals around these parts, let’s get into the hay maze habit and do some cow ropin’ and yee hawing! It would be REALLY fun for the kids if you had a real cowboy from your ward come and show them how to swing a rope to catch something.

Cowboy Singing Time

Here is an idea from Jocelyn Williams… at this LINK HERE.

Looking at this guy roping the steer…this is how I’d do it…just taped onto the back of a chair….

Get a bunch of little ropes and cowboy hats, and if you can borrow a set of chaps that would be cool. Tell everyone you are going to go ropin cows for a song.

Lasso a steer for Singing Time!

A clip art picture of a steer bull you can copy off to make your cardboard bulls is HERE at Color Your I would copy it on brown paper and then cut them out and glue them down on some cardboard. If you have 2 that would be enough. Put them on the backs of chairs like the picture above.
If they get the rope over one of the cow’s longhorns everybody has to stand up and say “YEE HAW”
and then they get to pick a horseshoe off of the board which will have songs on the back.

Older kids you could have questions for them to go with the sharing time lesson where they have to answer before roping one of your “cattle”.  Have fun doin’ some calf ropin’ in Primary! Yee Haw!

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