Thanksgiving Singing Time

I found a cute crossword puzzle that talks about why we give thanks once a year to the Lord.
It’s HERE at Sunday School Kids.

This would be fun to make up the grid kind of large and then have the kids figure out what all the answers
to the clues are as classes.  Then sing a song in between each new clue.
The kids could come up and can pick a crossword number to do. Have their class help them.  Then sing a song could be sung after they have figured out the clue and you have written it down in the squares for them.

Another activity you could do is teach this new song that says Thank You in many languages.

Children All Over the World 

By Peggy Hill Ryskamp and Beth Groberg Stratton
Peggy Hill Ryskamp and Beth Groberg Stratton, “Children All Over the World,” Friend, Nov. 1975, 34–35
All over the world at the end of day
Heavenly Father’s children kneel down and pray,
Each saying thank you in his own special way,
Saying thank you, thank you in his own special way
Gracias, malo, wir danken dir,All over the world tender voices hear.
Some say tak, others merci,Okansha shimasu, we thank thee.
Our Heavenly Father hears them,
He understands each tongue.
Our Heavenly Father knows them,
He loves them, loves them, everyone.

Non-English words for thank you

Spanish—gracias (graw-see-aws)
Tongan—malo (maw-low)
German—wir danken dir (veer dawn-ken deer)
Danish—tak (talk)
French—merci (mare-see)
Japanese—Okansha shimasu (o-kan-sha she-mas)

Then while you are teaching the song, there are several questions you can ask to create repetition:
“What do these words mean? [thank you]
“Listen and count how many foreign languages are sung” [6]
Help children practice pronouncing the six words. Sing them several times
“Where are tender voices heard?” [all over the world]
“What do Heavenly Father’s children all over the world do at the end of day? [kneel and pray]
What does each child say in his own special way? [thank you]
Who hears them? [Heavenly Father]
What else do we learn about Heavenly Father [ that he knows, loves, and understands the language of every person]

HERE is a Flipchart  from Jolly Jenn that is very cute and colorful for this Thanksgiving Song.

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