Fun Action DICE for Primary Singing Time Songs

I was browsing around the other primary chorister blogs and found a cute post from Brittney  at Primary Singing Time for Leaders. LDS Primary Chorister Ideas
She made a cute PDF to color print and use with Primary Singing Time. The link for it is HERE.  Another one she made is HERE.  They are both free Google docs. Thanks Brittney!  I had a cute idea for using this PDF document.

At school I have a variety of activities where I use dice. But sometimes you want a GIANT DICE!  So what I’ve done is use 1/2 gallon cartons from Tropicana Orange Juice, which we love to drink at my house. I rinse them out and dry them really good. Then I cut them in the middle just so I have 2 perfect square halves of a whole cube. Then make a corner slit halfway down all 4 edges and then push them together. It makes a perfect, sturdy dice!

Or you could just push one half into the other half. Be sure the sides are perfect squares. It makes for a very sturdy cube with both cartons lending strength and heft to the edges. Then you can cover each of the 6 sides with a different color of construction paper and the little pictures for what to do while we sing.

 Then have kids come up and roll the dice……then do the action that the dice lands on while singing the songs. It’s FUN!

I’m busy finishing up all the wrapping of presents….Check out my post on
cute wrapping designs HERE at Patties Place.

I finally finished decorating for Christmas

Cute plate for the Cookies for Santa….

Snowman and snowballs……

I have a snowman collection….

And my 3 granddaughter’s stockings…I have to put their names on still…(1 more thing on the list…sigh)

Here they are in their Christmas shirts….so cute…
Merry Christmas Everybody!

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